Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, annuity check, or other payment into your account.

Why stand in line to deposit a check when the credit union can do it for you hassle-free? You can have your paycheck, Social Security or retirement check, or other recurring payment automatically deposited to your credit union account.  Direct Deposit can help you save time, save money and is a convenient way to ensure your funds are available as soon as possible.  Your entire paycheck can be distributed in any combination to your accounts each pay period including automatically making loan payments.

Enjoy the numerous benefits from Direct Deposit:

  • Convenience – Having your paycheck directly deposited into to your checking or savings account eliminates the need for you to visit the credit union or a service center location to deposit your paycheck each pay period.
  • Quicker funds availability – Direct deposits allows access to your money the same day it’s deposited, making it faster.
  • Reliability – When you are absent or on vacation, you will not need to make special arrangements to obtain your paycheck; it will automatically be directed to your account.
  • Promotes savings – By having your paycheck directly deposited to your account you will automatically receive a 0.25% discount on all consumer loans. You will also save on the gas that you would normally consume by driving to the credit union or a service center.

Let your employer know you’re interested in signing up for direct deposit.


When you choose to have your paycheck deposited to your checking account, you simply provide your employer with your complete account number and our routing number (266080372), which is located on the bottom of your account checks.  If you don’t have checks please contact the credit union for your account number.

Account # sample for ACH debits and credits:

If your account was opened before 06/2009

8 digit account number (12345670) – Your account number will be 901 + 4 zeros + 7 digit account number (drop last zero). Example: 90100001234567 = 14 digits.

7 digit account number (123456700) – Your account number will be 901 + 5 zeros + 6 digit account number (drop last 2 zeros). Example: 90100000123456 = 14 digits.

If your account was opened after 06/2009

Your account number will be 901 + 3 zeros + 8 digit account number. Example: 90100012345678 = 14 digits.


If you choose to have your paycheck deposited to a credit union savings account, provide your employer with your complete (8 digit) savings  account number and routing number (266080372). You can find your savings account number on your monthly statement or through your online banking account listing.

Member Rewards

Build your relationship with Miami Firefighters FCU. With our Member Rewards program the more you use your credit union for loans, checking and savings accounts, the more your credit union prospers and grows and this means more and better services and pricing for you.

Employer Direct Deposit Authorization Forms Link

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