Insurance Verification

Thank you for financing with Miami Firefighters Federal Credit Union.

If you received a letter or e-mail asking you to provide your current insurance information, please enter it here:

You will need the letter you received in the mail and your insurance declarations page (not your insurance card) to complete verification process.

Email: (this is an automated email account and only emails with file attachments in PDF, PNG, TIF or JPG formats can be accepted).  Attach your insurance declarations page (not your insurance card).

Fax to: 1-877-790-7963

Mail to: Miami Firefighters FCU
Insurance Tracking Center
PO BOX 924541 Fort Worth, TX 76124

If you are faxing or mailing your information, make sure you submit your insurance declarations page (not your insurance card).

Have a question? Call 1-866-744-6982 (24 Hour Automated Service).  If you have contacted this number and still have questions, contact Carlos at 305.779.3650.  Due to high call volume it may take up to 48 hours for us to respond.  

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