A2A – Account to Account

A2A – Account to Account Transfer to another Financial Institution

A2A allows members to transfer funds to or from their Miami Firefighters FCU savings or checking account* to or from their accounts at different financial institutions. 

    • It is free.
    • Avoid having to make a trip to a branch.
    • The total time frame for each transfer is approximately 4-6 days.
    • Members can perform 1 time or reoccurring transfers.
    • Up to 18 months of A2A transfer history is retained on-line.
    • View status of pending, in process and completed transfers.

Transferring funds is easy, simply:

    • Add the accounts you want to transfer funds to/from by selecting “Account Access” and clicking on “Account to Account.”  Click on A2A Accounts on the top right menu and go to “Add New Account.”
    • Search for your financial institution by name or by the 9 digit ABA/Routing and Transit number. 
    • Enter information about the account including the account number, type and the name on the account. 
    • To confirm ownership of the account, we will send three trial transactions via ACH. You will see two small deposits and one small withdrawal approximately 2 business days after you add the account.
    • To finalize account confirmation, return to “A2A Accounts” and select the Confirm link to the right of the account. Enter the amount of the transactions and the account will be confirmed.

When you are ready to schedule a transfer, simply go to A2A transfers, choose the accounts, date and amount you wish to transfer and you’re done! The transfer will be done in two steps – first the money will be withdrawn from the funding account and then the money will be deposited in the receiving account. Transfers will be complete 4 – 6 business days after the scheduled date.  You will receive notification when an external account is added and when a transfer fails.

A2A member enrollment is required and is subject to approval based on credit union relationship and credit history.  Complete the Online A2A – Account to Account Enrollment Form or Call us at 305.324-4004 for more details.

*Members can only deposit/withdrawal from their lowest savings or checking account suffixes.  Example: if you have a Regular Savings Account – Suffix 01 and a Money Market Savings – Suffix 05 you will only be able to transfers funds to/from Savings Account – Suffix 01 even if Money Market Savings – Suffix 05 shows up in the account drop down.  The same applies if you have a Regular Checking Account – Suffix 75 and a High Yield Checking – Suffix 70.