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No matter what your need may be Miami Firefighters FCU offers a wide variety of services to make your banking fast, easy and extremely convenient.


FireLine is a free service that allows you to access your account with any touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day.

With FireLine you can:

  • Check balances on your accounts
  • Verify cleared checks, ATM, Visa Debit Card and other transactions
  • Access Account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Check loan balances
  • Make loan payments

To use FireLine, Dial 1.800.724.7475 and follow the directions.

For convenient access online or through your mobile phone and for additional remote access services enroll in Online Banking.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow members to send money to almost anywhere in the world.

WARNING – Beware of cyber-crime!

Wire Fraud is an everyday concern.  Always call to verify any wiring instructions received directly with the person that sent them to you.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Outgoing wire transfers require complete wiring instructions from the receiving institution which should include the name, address, and ABA/routing number of the financial institution the funds are being wired to. The recipient’s name and account number are also required.

Outgoing wire transfers are processed from 7:30am to 3:00pm.  Outgoing Wire transfer requests received after 3:00pm will be processed the following business day. 

Call us at 305.324.4004 to request an Outgoing Wire transfer Form.

Incoming Wire Transfers

These wire instructions do not change.  If you receive different instructions consider it suspect and call our office.

If you don’t follow the below instructions, your wire will be delayed or not received.  Make sure your wire is not being sent to the routing number on your checkbook.  

All incoming wires to accounts at Miami Firefighters FCU must be sent as follows:

To: Corporate America Credit Union

Address: 4365 Crescent Road Irondale, AL 35210

ABA/Routing #: 262090120

For Further Credit to: Miami Firefighters FCU

Account #: 266080372

For Final Credit to: Your Name and Account Number

Wire transfer fees are based on your member relationship. See our fee schedule for applicable fees.

Check Reorder

If you already have a Miami Firefighters FCU checking account and need to reorder checks, you can order them online.  Seniors (50 and over) are eligible for one (1) FREE box of standard (ecds) checks per year.

The normal check imprint cost will be debited from your checking account. There is no charge for the Internet ordering other than your normal check imprint tax and delivery.

Checks reordered on the internet:

  • Will be the same style and design ordered last time
  • Will have the next sequential check number as shown on your reorder form
  • Will have the exact name and address and other date as your previous checks

Reorder Checks (new window/tab)

ATM Locator

All of our members have FREE access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

To find the location of convenient ATMs near you, please use the links below.

Don’t forget that you can get cash back at the check-out at most local merchants and major retailers when you use your debit card with your PIN.

* A foreign ATM is any ATM that is not operated by Presto (Publix), CU24, CUHere or MoneyPass.

Shared Branch Locator


Balance Financial Empowering Your logo

Looking for information or advice on financial topics?

Miami Firefighters FCU members have access to the BALANCE  Financial Fitness Program.

With so many financial obligations and options, money management may seem difficult and confusing at times. That’s why we’ve partnered with BALANCE, a financial education and counseling service.  that can help you get on track, review and improve your credit report, get out of debt, set up a spending and savings plan that works for you, or prepare to buy a home.

Call a BALANCE counselor at 1-888-456-2227 and let them know you are a Miami Firefighters Federal Credit Union member or visit the BALANCE website (new window/tab) for more information about their financial fitness program.

BALANCE  Financial Fitness Program

  • Credit Report Review
  • Money Management Counseling
  • Debt Management
  • Housing Education Program
  • Identity Theft Solutions
  • Financial Education

BALANCE takes the mystery and intimidation out of financial matters and is a resource you can look to whenever you have a question or need some sound advice.

Safe Deposit Boxes

A Safe Deposit Box is perfect for those members that would like to safely store valuables such as gemstones, precious metals, or important documents such as wills or property deeds that a person might feel afraid to leave at home due to fear of theft, fire, flood, tampering or other reasons.

  • We offer five sizes of safe deposit boxes ranging from 3×5 to 10×10.
  • Annual fees vary according to the box size.  See our fee schedule for applicable fees.
  • To check availability, please call 305.324.4004.

Travelers Cheques

Traveler’s Cheques Mean Peace of Mind

  • Protect your travel money. Travelers Cheques can be refunded if they’re lost or stolen, so you can get your money back quickly, 24/7. The refund usually happens within 24 hours if lost or stolen.
  • Protect yourself against identity theft. If they’re lost or stolen, don’t worry—Travelers Cheques aren’t tied to your bank account or any personal information.
  • Save money compared to other payment methods. Unlike using an ATM, there are no withdrawal fees. You can easily cash in your Cheques for local currency wherever you are.
  • Make budgeting easier. Spend a fixed amount by only using Travelers Cheques.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Accepted at thousands of locations worldwide.
  • Never expire.

Travelers Cheques are easy to use—and are a safe way to protect your money whenever you travel.

  • We carry single and dual signature American Express® Travelers Cheques.
  • Traveler’s cheques fees are based on your member relationship. See our fee schedule for applicable fees.

How to Use Traveler’s Cheques

Sign – As soon as possible, sign your name in the upper left corner to help protect yourself in case of loss or theft.

Record – Write down your serial numbers and keep them with you when you travel, separate from your Travelers Cheques.

Protect – Safeguard your Travelers Cheques as you would cash.

Use – To pay, sign your Travelers Cheques in the lower left-hand corner in front of the person accepting your Cheques.

Notary Service

A notary public (sometimes called a notary or a public notary) is an individual authorized by state or local government to officially witness signatures on legal documents, collect sworn statements and administer oaths. He or she uses an embossing tool to verify his or her presence at the time the documents were signed.

Certain legal documents are required to be ‘notarized’ in order to be recognized in court, so a notary public spends most of his or her time observing routine signatures. Because identities are critical, someone in this position may also spend some time verifying the names of the parties involved in the signing. Generally, all parties provide some form of official identification (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, etc.) in order for the notary public to feel comfortable about certifying the signatures.

We provide this service free of charge to all Miami Firefighters FCU members and no appointment is necessary. However, we recommend that you call us on the day you intend to arrive to make sure that a staff member will be available to assist you.

Savings Bonds

Savings bonds are a reliable, low risk government-backed savings product that earns interest and is issued in a variety of denominations.

You may redeem savings bonds at Miami Firefighters FCU.

Savings bonds are debt securities issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to help pay for the U.S. government’s borrowing needs. U.S. savings bonds are considered one of the safest investments because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.

You can go online to purchase two types of electronic savings bonds.  See below for details:

Series EE U.S. Savings Bonds are an appreciation-type (or accrual-type) savings security. They are sold at face value, so you’ll pay $50 for a $50 bond. The bond is worth its full value upon redemption. The interest is issued electronically to your designated account. You cannot buy more than $10,000 (face value) during any calendar year. If you redeem the bonds in the first five years of buying them, you’ll forfeit interest payments for the three most recent months. After five years, you won’t be penalized for redemptions.

Series I U.S. Savings Bonds are inflation-indexed. They are sold at face value and you can buy up to $10,000 (face value) in any calendar year. Series I Bonds offer a fixed rate of interest, adjusted for inflation. As with Series EE Bonds, if you redeem Series I Bonds in the first five years, you’ll forfeit the three most recent months’ interest. After five years, you won’t be penalized for redemptions.

Key advantages of savings bonds include:

Popularity as gifts. Savings bonds are a popular birthday and graduation gift and also can be used toward financing education, supplemental retirement income, and other special events. Unlike other securities, minors may hold U.S. savings bonds in their own name.

Tax advantages. You pay no state or local taxes on the interest on the bonds, and you can defer paying federal taxes on the interest until you cash in the bond or until it matures. In addition, tax benefits are available for eligible taxpayers when Series EE and Series I savings bonds are used for qualified education expenses. Review the details on the education tax exclusion and the requirements to qualify.

You can buy these electronic savings bonds in penny increments, from $25 up to $10,000 each year. (In paper form, these bonds were only available in specific denominations.) For more on the switch to all-electronic savings bonds and on how to open a TreasuryDirect account, visit (new window/tab). You can use its Savings Bond Calculator and compare the different types of securities issued by the Treasury.

Member Rewards

Build your relationship with Miami Firefighters FCU. With our Member Rewards program the more you use your credit union for loans, checking and savings accounts, the more your credit union prospers and grows and this means more and better services and pricing for you.

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