Payroll Deduction

The most convenient way to handle your accounts and gain peace of mind!

This service allows you to take a portion of your paycheck and have it automatically transferred to any credit union accounts you choose. Payroll deduction is also a convenient way to make loan payments and if you sign up for payroll deduction you will automatically receive a 0.25% discount on all consumer loans.

If you are a City of Miami or City of Miami Beach fire department employee, contact us to sign-up for payroll deduction.  Otherwise, let your employer know you’re interested in signing up for payroll deduction. Then once that is arranged contact member services and let them know what transfers you would like to have done automatically each paycheck.

Member Rewards

Build your relationship with Miami Firefighters FCU. With our Member Rewards program the more you use your credit union for loans, checking and savings accounts, the more your credit union prospers and grows and this means more and better services and pricing for you.