Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow members to send money to almost anywhere in the world.

WARNING – Beware of cyber-crime!
If you receive an email or any other communication with wire transfer instructions – always call to verify the instructions at a number you trust.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Outgoing wire transfers require complete wiring instructions from the receiving institution which should include the name, address, and ABA/routing number of the financial institution the funds are being wired to. The recipient’s name and account number are also required.

Outgoing wire transfer form

Incoming Wire Transfers – these wire instructions do not change.  If you receive different instructions consider it suspect and call our office.

All incoming wires to accounts at Miami Firefighters FCU must be sent as follows:

To: Corporate America Credit Union

Address: 4365 Crescent Road Irondale, AL 35210

ABA/Routing #: 262090120

For Further Credit to: Miami Firefighters FCU

Account #: 266080372

For Final Credit to: Your Name and Account Number

Wire transfer fees are based on your member relationship. See our fee schedule for applicable fees.

Member Rewards

Build your relationship with Miami Firefighters FCU. With our Member Rewards program the more you use your credit union for loanschecking and savings accounts, the more your credit union prospers and grows and this means more and better services and pricing for you.

All wire transfer orders must comply with the provisions of U.S. Law as enforced by the Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control.