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Apply Now 

If you’re ready to buy a new or used vehicle, start with your credit union before you visit the dealership.

You may apply online from the convenience of your home and obtain a preapproval before starting to shop.  This will help make the process easier and put you in the driver’s seat when you are ready to make your purchase. Members who go to a dealership with a preapproval have leverage when negotiating the best purchase price.

  • Skip The 0% – Even if you can qualify for 0% dealer offers, you may have to choose between low-rate financing and a rebate. Accept the rebate, get your loan pre-approved with us and you’ll be in a stronger bargaining position as a cash buyer. Plus, by taking the rebate, you’re lowering the overall cost of the vehicle.
  • We’ll Match or Beat The Rate!* – Give us a chance to match or even beat your interest rate! A lower rate means a lower monthly payment with more cash in your pocket – not the dealer’s!
  • Automatic deduction with your direct deposit will save you an additional 0.25% and payroll deduction will save you an additional .25% and you get the peace of mind of never having to worry about when your payment needs to be sent.
  • You can conveniently apply online, by phone or in person.

In addition to our low loan rates we offer many auto-related products and services designed to save you money.

  • Use Autoseekers** – Take the hassle out of buying a car, Autoseekers can help you find the best price on any new or pre-owned vehicle you are looking for. Tired of Dealer Hopping? Hate the hassle of car buying? Want to avoid the sales pressure? Now you have a friend in the car industry…We have partnered with Autoseekers, so that you have someone who knows the entire car buying process and who represents you – not the dealerships – to help with your vehicle purchase. Purchase your next new or used vehicle with no haggling or hassles. Get your car loan pre-approved at our incredibly low auto financing rates. Then call your Autoseekers representative, Jay Ramos at 305.773.2007 and shop for a great price. Apply for your loan now or you may also call us at your convenience at 305.324.4004 or stop by our office.
  • GAP** (Guaranteed Asset Protection) – Protect against financial loss if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Compare our $450 cost for GAP to what dealers charge and you won’t believe the savings at your credit union!
  • Extended Warranty** – Purchase an affordable extended warranty at the credit union. You’ll get comprehensive vehicle coverage at rates hundreds of dollars lower than at the dealership.

*This program does not apply to those situations where the payment offered by the dealer or the financial institution is priced well below market (i.e., below market financing on selected models for terms shorter than market terms, as an inducement to purchase, in lieu of rebates, and dealership buy downs, etc.) No other discounts apply. Offer may be rescinded by the credit union at any time without notice.

** This product is not federally insured, are not obligations of the Credit Union, and are not guaranteed by the Credit Union or any affiliated entity.

New Auto 

We want to get you on the road with a hassle-free auto loan that allows you to enjoy your new car with lower monthly car payments. For purchases and refinances, we offer fixed, competitive rates, and an easy and secure online process. Apply today and drive in the right direction with an Auto Loan.

Used Auto

You hold the keys with a used car auto loan at a great, competitive credit union rate. We offer Extended Warranty and GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) programs to protect your investment. Whether you are purchasing your car from a dealership or private sale, these and more services are available for you. Apply now and get started today with an Auto Loan. 

Auto Loan Refinance


Is your current vehicle loan financed with another financial institution at a higher rate? Refinance it with us and save money on the interest you’ll pay on your loan, reduce your monthly payment, and pay down your loan faster.

Ask us about our promotions on refinancing your loan from another financial institution to lower your payment!


Now there’s another alternative to a conventional car loan … one that lets you drive your dream car without sky-high payments. It’s available at your credit union. It’s AutoSense.
Enjoy the benefits of a low payment vehicle loan program that combines the best features of regular auto financing with the benefits of leasing! No extra costs or restrictions that come with a lease, just the lower payments. And, you have all the flexibility that goes along with car ownership.

  • Payments are lower than a conventional loan
  • Down payments not required
  • Terms from 3-6 years*
  • New or used vehicles (up to 5 years old)
  • Choose from 12,000 – 15,000 – 18,000 mileage allowance
  • Pay off, sell or trade your vehicle anytime with no prepayment penalty

If you’ve got your eye on wheels that you think may be out of your budget, check with us first to see if an AutoSense loan can get you behind the wheel.


AutoSense Quote Disclosure – (1) Rates shown are for illustrative purposes only and may vary due to individual creditworthiness. (2) Payments shown may vary from final loan payment provided by credit union loan representative.  Rates shown are for A+ credit (credit score of 730 or higher) with all available discounts and 100% LTV (Loan to Value).

Discounts include: Direct deposit and Automatic payments (0.50%)

* AutoSense Loan Payment Example: a 2017 sedan financed for $25,000 for a 60 month term at fixed 2.74% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and 12k annual mileage would have 59 monthly payments of approximately $296.81 with a final balloon payment of $9,900.00 (Guaranteed Future Value). You may sell, trade, or refinance at the end of your loan term. The vehicle is yours, this is not a lease, no pre-payment penalties and your rate will NOT increase after consummation.

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